Module assembly_fdb::core

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§The data structures for representing the file/database.

An FDB file is layed out as a hash map. The top level is a list of tables, lexically ordered by their name (all uppercase names before all lowercase ones).

Each table consists of an array of Buckets, where each bucket Corresponds to one hash value of the primary column.

Each bucket consists of a list of rows. These rows may be sorted in ascending order of primary keys, but that is not fully verified.

Each row contains a vector of fields, with a data type and respective data.

Each Table has a list of columns with the names and default data Types corresponding to the layout of each row.


  • Implementations of IntoIterator for the core model
  • General-Purpose file loader


  • A container of rows with the same hash value
  • Name and default type for one field in each row
  • The context for mem::Field
  • The Value context for core::Field
  • A sequence of fields
  • An ordered map of tables
  • A list of buckets and thus collection of rows with a name
  • An array of buckets, and a collection of rows
  • A list of columns with types and a name


  • A single field value in the database
  • Value datatypes used in the database


Type Aliases§

  • An owned field value