pub struct Server {
Show 18 fields pub authentication_ip: String, pub cdn_info: CdnInfo, pub crisp_info: String, pub data_center_id: u32, pub game_api_url: String, pub game_content_api_url: String, pub language: String, pub log_level: i32, pub metrics_data_service_url: String, pub name: String, pub online: bool, pub suggested: bool, pub ugc_controller_services_url: String, pub ugc_cdn_info: CdnInfo, pub use3d_services: bool, pub version: String, pub version_dir_type: String, pub web_api_url: String,
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A single server (Universe) that can be selected


§authentication_ip: String

URL of the auth server

§cdn_info: CdnInfo

Information for the CDN client

§crisp_info: String

Info for moderation (?)

§data_center_id: u32

ID of the data center

§game_api_url: String

URL for the game API

§game_content_api_url: String

URL for game content

§language: String

Language Tag of the server

§log_level: i32

Log level

§metrics_data_service_url: String

URL of the metrics server

§name: String

Display name of the server

§online: bool

Whether this server is available

§suggested: bool

Whether this server is selected by default

§ugc_controller_services_url: String

URL for the UGC controller

§ugc_cdn_info: CdnInfo

CDN info for user generated content

§use3d_services: bool

Whether to use online model conversion

§version: String

Current version of the game

§version_dir_type: String

Type of version dir (default 0)

§web_api_url: String

API url (?)

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impl Debug for Server


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impl<'de> Deserialize<'de> for Server


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impl Serialize for Server


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